Lesson 16 Write Numbers to Represent Quantities

    • Let’s write numbers to show how many there are.

Warm-up How Many Do You See: One More with a 5-frame

How many do you see?
How do you see them?

  1. 5 frame. 4 counters.
  2. 5 frame, filled. Below, 1 counter.
  3. 5 frame, full. Below, 2 dots.

Activity 1 Revisit Math Stories, How Many?

Think of one ‘how many’ question that you can ask your partner about this picture.

Activity 2 Label Mystery Bags

Work with your group to figure out how many objects are in each bag. Write a number on the sticky note to show how many objects are in each bag.

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Math Stories

Center. Math Stories.

Math Libs

Center Activity, Mad Libs.


Center. Bingo.

Number Race

Center. Number Race.


Math Fingers

Center. Math Fingers.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

A city park. Blue birds, 3. Red birds, 5. Clouds, 5. Trees, 6. Bushes, 12. Red benches, 2. Yellow benches, 2.
  1. What is a “how many” question you can ask about this picture?

  2. Write a number to answer your question.