Section B: Practice Problems Represent and Solve Story Problems

Section Summary


In this section, we learned about story problems.
We acted out story problems and used objects and drawings to show what is happening and help us solve story problems.

Sometimes things were added in the story problems.

There were 5 ducks in the pond.
4 more ducks came to the pond to swim.
How many ducks are in the pond now?

Circles, 2 groups. 5 circles and 4 circles.
Counters, 2 rows. Top row 5 yellow. 4 red below.

Sometimes things were subtracted, or taken away, in the story problems.

There were 5 balls on the playground.
Diego brought 5 of the balls inside.
How many balls are on the playground now?

Circles, 5, crossed out.

Problem 1 (Lesson 6)

Tell your partner a story using the picture.

5 penguin near water and rocks.

Problem 2 (Lesson 7)

Show what happens in the story with counters.

There are 5 snails crawling in the grass.
Then 3 snails came to join them.
Then 2 of the snails crawled away.

Problem 3 (Lesson 8)

Jada has 5 connecting cubes.
Han gives Jada 2 more connecting cubes.
How many connecting cubes does Jada have now?

Problem 4 (Lesson 9)

There were 8 cars in the parking lot.
All 8 of the cars left after school.
How many cars are in the parking lot now?

Problem 5 (Lesson 10)

There were 9 crabs on the beach.
Then 5 of them scurried away into the ocean.

  1. How many crabs are on the beach now?

  2. Select the representation that matches the story.

    1. 5 frame, full. Below, 4 counters. 5 counters crossed out.
    2. 5 frame, full. Below, 3 counters.

Problem 6 (Lesson 11)

There are 4 cups of milk on the table.
Jada puts 2 more cups of milk on the table.

  1. How many cups are on the table altogether?

  2. Make a drawing to show the story.

Problem 7 (Lesson 12)

There are 7 crows in the tree.
Then 3 more crows fly into the tree.
How many crows are in the tree altogether?
Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, words, or objects.

Problem 8 (Exploration)

There are 6 dolphins swimming around the boat.
Complete the story in two different ways.
Solve your problems or share with a partner and solve your partner’s problems.

Problem 9 (Exploration)

Tell a story problem that goes with each drawing.

  1. Circles, 2 rows. Top 6 circles, bottom 3 circles.
  2. 7 Circles. 6 Crossed out.

Problem 10 (Exploration)

These three story problems are not finished yet.
Finish the story problems with your own questions.
Then solve the story problems you made.

  1. Noah had 4 erasers.
    Clare gave him 3 erasers.

  2. Tyler had 3 pencils.
    Tyler found 2 more pencils.

  3. Elena had 6 markers.
    She lost 1 of her markers.