Lesson 10 Introduce the 10-frame

    • Let’s make and use 10-frames.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Fingers and 5-frames

What do you notice?
What do you wonder?

Fingers showing 10.
2 five frames. Full.

Activity 1 Introduce 10-frames

Cut out and glue the 5-frames to make each number.

  1. Number 6.
  2. Number 8.
  3. Number 9.
  4. Number 10.

Activity 2 Numbers on Fingers and 10-frames

Figure out how many fingers are held up in each picture. Then use your counters to show that number on the 10-frame.

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Shake and Spill

Center. Shake and Spill.

Counting Collections

Center. Counting Collections.

Roll and Add

Center activity. Roll and Add.

Practice Problems

Problem 1

How many counters are there?

  1. Ten frame. 8 counters.
  2. Ten frame. 6 counters.
  3. Ten frame. Full.

Problem 2

Draw a line from the fingers to the ten-frame that shows the same number.

  1. Fingers showing 6.
  2. Fingers showing 8.
  3. Fingers showing 9.
  1. Ten frame, 8 counters.
  2. Ten frame, 9 counters.
  3. Ten frame, 6 counters.