Lesson 8 More Than One Way

    • Let’s find more than one way to solve a problem.

Warm-up Number Talk: Expressions

Find the value of each expression.

Activity 1 Citrus Juice

Han squeezed 9 pieces of fruit to make juice.
Some of the fruits were satsumas.
The rest of the fruits were grapefruits.


2 groups of circles. 3 circles labeled S. 6 circles labeled G.


7 orange circles labeled 7 S. 2 red circles labeled 2 G.

How many of the fruits were satsumas?
Then how many of the fruits were grapefruits?
Show your thinking using objects, drawings, numbers, or words.

Activity 2 Dates to Stuff

Dates stuffed with almonds.
Dates stuffed with cheese.

Andre and his older brother have 8 dates.
They stuff some of the dates with cheese.
They stuff the rest of the dates with almonds.
How many of the dates did they stuff with cheese?
Then how many of the dates did they stuff with almonds?

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

What’s Behind My Back?

Center. What's Behind My Back.


Center. 5 frame.

Make or Break Apart Numbers

Center activity. Make or break apart numbers.

Math Stories

Center. Math Stories.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

There are 9 animals swimming in the water.
Some of them are dolphins and the rest are seals.
How many of the animals are dolphins?
Then how many of the animals are seals?
Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, words, or objects.
Find more than 1 solution to the story problem.