Lesson 14 Towers of 10

    • Let’s figure out how many cubes are hidden.

Warm-up What Do You Know About …?

What do you know about 10?

Activity 1 Introduce What’s Behind My Back?, 10 Cubes

We are going to learn a new way to play the What’s Behind My Back? center.

Activity 2 How Many Cubes Are Hidden?

Han had a tower of 10 cubes.
He snapped it into 2 parts and hid 1 part behind his back.
He showed his partner 4 cubes.
How many cubes is Han hiding behind his back?

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

What’s Behind My Back?

Center. What's Behind My Back.

Math Fingers

Center activity. Math fingers.

Shake and Spill

Center. Shake and Spill.

Counting Collections

Center. Counting Collections.

Roll and Add

Center activity. Roll and Add.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Mai has a tower of 10 connecting cubes.
She snaps the tower into 2 parts and puts one part behind her back.
She shows her partner 3 cubes.
How many cubes is Mai hiding?
Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, words, or objects.