Lesson 6 Compose and Decompose 10 with Pattern Blocks

    • Let’s find different ways to make 10 using our pattern blocks.

Warm-up Choral Count: Practice Counting by 10

Let’s count to 100 by 10.
What patterns do you see?

Activity 1 Diego’s Shape

Diego built a shape with 10 pattern blocks.
He only used squares and triangles.

How many square pattern blocks did Diego use?
Then how many triangle pattern blocks did Diego use?


Activity 2 Many Ways to Make 10

Now, you are going to create different shapes with 10 pattern blocks. Use only red trapezoids and blue rhombuses. Change the number of red trapezoids and blue rhombuses you use each time you make a new shape. Fill in a new page in your book for each new shape you create.

Activity 3 Introduce Shake and Spill, Cover

We are going to learn a new way to do the Shake and Spill center. It is called Shake and Spill, Cover. Let’s play a round together.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Clare used 10 pattern blocks to make a puzzle.
She used trapezoids and triangles.
How many trapezoids did Clare use?
Then how many triangles did Clare use?