Lesson 9 Compare Capacity

    • Let’s compare objects to see which one holds more.

Warm-up Choral Count: Count by 10

Now let’s count to 100 by 10.

Activity 1 Capacity of Cups

Diego’s class needs a lot of lemonade for a lemonade sale they are going to have at school. Which container do you think they should use to hold the lemonade? Why do you think that?

Activity 2 Which Cup Can Hold More Water?

Elena likes to drink lots of water after dance class. She’s trying to figure out which cup to use. Which cup holds more water? Work with your group to figure it out.

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Counting Collections

Center. Counting Collections.

Match Mine

Center. Match Mine.

Shake and Spill

Center. Shake and Spill.