Lesson 16 Represent the Classroom with Shapes

    • Let’s use shapes to make a model of our classroom.

Warm-up Choral Count: Count by 10

Let’s all count to 100 by 10.

Activity 1 Make a Model of the Classroom

You are going to use solid shapes to make a model of the classroom.

Activity 2 Add to or Change the Classroom Model

Were there any things that you saw in your classmates’ models that gave you an idea for things you want to add to or change about your model?

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Build Shapes

pieces of straws connected into a triangle with clay, extra materials on the side


Counting Collections

Center. Counting Collections.

Match Mine

Center. Match Mine.

Shake and Spill

Center. Shake and Spill.