Section B: Practice Problems Customary Measurement

Section Summary


In this section of the unit, we learned more about standard length units. We measured using inches and feet —two length units from the the U.S. customary system. We also solved two-step story problems about length and interpreted diagrams that represent taking a part away. This diagram shows that we know the length of the ribbon and how much was cut. The question mark represents the length of ribbon that is left.

Diagram. Rectangle partitioned into 2 parts. 1 part, labeled left. Total length, question mark. Other part, labeled cut. Total length, 28. Total length of rectangle, 64.

Han had a piece of ribbon that was 64 inches long. He cut off 28 inches to make a necklace for his sister. How much ribbon is left?

Problem 1 (Lesson 8)

  1. What do you know about inches?

  2. What is the length of the rectangle in inches?

Problem 2 (Lesson 9)

  1. An adult hippopotamus is 13 units long. Are the units inches or feet? Explain your reasoning.

  2. A piece of chalk is 2 units long. Are the units inches or feet? Explain your reasoning.

Problem 3 (Lesson 10)

  1. What is the length of this rectangle in centimeters?

    Rectangle above a ruler. Rectangle begins above Ruler at 17 and ends at 32.
  2. Write an equation to show your thinking.

Problem 4 (Lesson 11)

Mai is making a headband from a piece of fabric. The fabric is 71 centimeters long. Mai cuts off 18 centimeters of the fabric. How many centimeters long is the fabric that is left?

Problem 5 (Lesson 12)

  1. Diego has a piece of ribbon that is 95 centimeters long. He cuts off a piece that is 28 centimeters long. How much ribbon does Diego have left?

  2. Then Diego cuts off another piece that is 39 centimeters long. How much ribbon does Diego have left now?

Problem 6 (Exploration)

Complete the table with objects in the classroom or at home that you think will match the given measurements.

Object I measured

Estimated Measurement

Actual Measurement

7 centimeters

7 inches

7 feet

7 meters

Problem 7 (Exploration)

If you and all of your classmates stand side to side with your arms stretched out, about how long of a line do you think you can make? Explain your reasoning including the unit of measure you choose.