Lesson 4 Solid Shapes

    • Let’s identify and describe solid shapes.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: What is That Shape?

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

A shaded square.
Cube puzzle.
A shaded shape composed of 6 squares.

Activity 1 What is the Missing Shape?

Make a poster to describe your solid shape. Use words, numbers, and drawings to help other groups name your shape.

Activity 2 Sort and Build Solid Shapes

  1. Sort your shape design cards into groups. Be prepared to describe how you sort the cards.

  2. Match one of your cards to a solid shape. Explain your match.

  3. Which shape designs could be folded to make cubes? Explain.

  4. Your teacher will give you 2 shape designs. Fold the shape designs to make cubes. Compare your cube with your partner’s cube.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

This image represents a solid shape. Describe this shape.