Lesson 21 Pattern Block Puzzles

    • Let’s make pattern block puzzles.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Pattern Block Bees

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Pattern block puzzle.
Pattern block puzzle.

Activity 1 Pattern Block Puzzles

  1. Make a puzzle using 4 pattern blocks. Use at least 1 hexagon.

  2. Trace each pattern block on the blank puzzle paper.

  3. Trade the puzzle paper with another person in your group.

  4. Use the pattern blocks to show two different ways to make your partner’s puzzle. Sketch the two ways.

  5. Share one thing you notice about the puzzles.

Puzzle 1

Dot grid.

Puzzle 2

Dot grid.

Activity 2 The Pattern Block Store



Pattern block. Hexagon.
Coin. A quarter.
Pattern block. Trapezoid.
A dime.
Pattern block. Rhombus.
Pattern block. Triangle.

How much would the two puzzles you sketched cost at the Pattern Block Store? Show or explain your reasoning.

  1. Puzzle 1:

  2. Puzzle 2: