Lesson 19 More Money Problems

    • Let’s solve money problems with lots of dollars.

Warm-up Number Talk: Use Ten to Add Within 100

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Shop with Friends

Write the letter next to the story problem it represents.

Diagram. One rectangle split into 2 parts. Total length, 68. First part, total length, 39. Other part, total length, question mark. 
Diagram. Two rectangles of equal length.
  1. A basketball costs $39 less than a soccer ball and football combined.

    The soccer ball costs $29 and the football costs $68.

    How many dollars does the basketball cost?

  2. Jada is saving to buy a gift for her dad. The gift costs $68. So far she has $39.

    How much more does she need?

  3. A pair of pants costs $39.

    A shirt costs $29 and a pair of shoes cost $68.

    How many more dollars do the shirt and shoes cost than the pants?

  4. Diego has $39. His mom gave him some money for his birthday. Now he has $68.

    How much money did he get for his birthday?

Activity 2 Money Among Friends

For each problem, show your thinking. Write your final answer using the $. Use a diagram if it helps.

  1. Mai has $27, Elena has $48, and Jada has $16. How much money do they have altogether?

  2. Tyler has $45, Andre has $36, and Noah has $28. How much less money does Tyler have than Andre and Noah combined?

  3. Lin has $19. Together, Lin and Han have $45. Then Han gets $17 more. How much money does Han have now?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Diego’s bike cost $55.

That’s $27 less than Clare’s bike cost. How many dollars did Clare’s bike cost?