Lesson 9 Grams and Kilograms, Liters and Milliliters

    • Let’s explore measurements in grams, kilograms, liters and milliliters.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Meter, Meter on the Page

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. 2 m

  2. 2,000 meters

  3. 200 centimeters

  4. image of two meter sticks placed back to back with labels of 1 meter each.

Activity 1 A Whole Lot of Paper Clips

One paper clip weighs 1 gram.

picture of a paper clip

Problem 1

How many grams are the paper clips in each image?

  1. photograph of 6 paper clips
  2. image of 1 box of paper clips containing 100 paper clips.
  3. image of 1 box of paper clips containing two hundred fifty paper clips.

Problem 2

The paper clips in this image weigh 1 kilogram.

image of 10 boxes of paper clips. 100 paper clips in each box.

What is the relationship between kilograms and grams?

Problem 3

Complete the table with the missing amounts in grams.

kilograms (kg)

grams (g)

Problem 4

Which weighs more? Be prepared to explain how you know.

  1. 8 kilograms or 8 boxes with 100 paper clips in each box

  2. 1,250 paper clips or 1 kilogram

  3. 500 grams or 2 boxes of 250 paper clips in each box

  4. kilogram or 500 paper clips

Activity 2 Liters and Milliliters

picture of pink liquid in 4 different size containers. Volumes of liquid, 1 liter, 100 milliliters, 20 milliliters, and some in a medicine dropper.

Problem 1

  1. Estimate: How many times do we fill the 100-milliliter glass to get 1 liter of liquid? (Assume that each time the liquid is filled to the 100-milliliter line.)

  2. Write a sentence to describe the relationship between milliliters and liters.

Problem 2

How many times do we need to fill each of these containers to get 1 liter?

  1. A 1-milliliter medicine dropper

  2. A 250-milliliter measuring cup

  3. A 20-milliliter cup

Problem 3

Complete the table with the missing amounts in liters or milliliters.

liters (L)

milliliters (mL)

Practice Problem

Problem 1

  1. A bottle of water holds 250 milliliters.

    • How many of those bottles does it take to make 1 liter?

    • How many liters of water does the bottle hold?

  2. Jada’s backpack weighs 3.5 kg. How many grams is Jada’s backpack? Explain or show your reasoning.