Lesson 14 Weight and Capacity Measurements

    • Let’s solve problems about weight and capacity.

Warm-up Number Talk: Lots of Thousands

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Milk and Mango Lassi

Problem 1

Here are three true statements about this jug of milk.

  • This jug contains 1 gallon of milk.

  • This jug contains 4 quarts of milk.

  • This jug contains 16 cups of milk.

Complete each statement so that it is true:

photograph of a gallon of milk
  1. One gallon is times as much as 1 quart.

  2. One gallon is times as much as 1 cup.

  3. One quart is times as much as 1 cup.

Problem 2

For a potluck party, Priya and three other relatives are bringing mango lassi.

drink. mango lassi


amount of lassi


10 cups


3 quarts


8 cups


2 gallons

  1. Who prepared the most mango lassi? Explain or show your reasoning.

  2. How many cups of lassi did all the guests bring?

  3. Complete this sentence: Priya’s grandma made times as much lassi as Priya’s cousin. Show how you know.

Activity 2 Clay for Art Class

Problem 1

image of clay

At a craft store, clay is sold in packs of different sizes: 1 pound, 24 ounces, 3 pounds, and 5 pounds.

An art teacher needs 120 ounces of clay for her class.

  1. Would she have enough clay if she bought each of the following combinations? Explain or show your reasoning.

    1-pound pack

    24-ounce pack

    3-pound pack

    5-pound pack

    Combo A

    Combo B

    Combo C

Problem 2

Decide if each statement is true or false. Be prepared to explain or show your reasoning.

  1. A 3-pound pack weighs 2 times as much as a 24-ounce pack.

  2. If we combine a 1-pound pack, a 3-pound pack, and a 5-pound pack, we’d have 6 times as much clay as what’s in a 24-ounce pack.

Practice Problems

Problem 1

  1. Jada’s class drank 2 gallons of milk at lunch. How many cups is that?

  2. The third graders at Jada’s school drank 3 times as much milk as Jada’s class. How many quarts is that?

Problem 2

  1. A rectangle has perimeter 19 cm. One side is 4 cm. How long is the other side of the rectangle?

  2. A square has perimeter 19 cm. How long is each side of the square? Explain or show your reasoning.