Lesson 5 One- and Two-step Comparison Problems

    • Let’s solve multiplicative comparison word problems.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Something’s Missing

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. diagram. two rectangles.

  3. diagram. two rectangles.
  4. 42 is 6 times as many as .

Activity 1 The Book Fair

image of a stack of books

For this year’s book fair, a school ordered 16 science experiment books and 6 times as many picture books.

Last year, the school ordered 4 times as many picture books and 4 times as many science experiment books than they did this year.

  1. How many picture books were ordered this year?

  2. How many picture books were ordered last year?

  3. How many more science experiment books were ordered last year than this year?

Activity 2 More Book Fair Purchases

  1. At the book fair, they collected $13 Tuesday morning and 8 times as much as that in the afternoon. How much money did they collect at the book fair on Tuesday?

  2. On Thursday, Mai purchased a biography for $16 and a comic book for $3. That day, the book fair’s amount of total sales was 9 times as much money as Mai spent.
    What was the amount of total sales for the book fair on Thursday?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Lin scored 6 points in her basketball game on Saturday. She scored 3 times as many points in her basketball game on Sunday. How many points did Lin score altogether in the two games? Explain or show your reasoning.