Unit 8: My Reflections

Lesson 1: Mystery Bags

Lesson 2: Chance Experiments

Lesson 3: What Are Probabilities?

Lesson 4: Estimating Probabilities Through Repeated Experiments

Lesson 5: More Estimating Probabilities

Lesson 6: Estimating Probabilities Using Simulation

Lesson 7: Simulating Multi-step Experiments

Lesson 8: Keeping Track of All Possible Outcomes

Lesson 9: Multi-step Experiments

Lesson 10: Designing Simulations

Lesson 11: Comparing Groups

Lesson 12: Larger Populations

Lesson 13: What Makes a Good Sample?

Lesson 14: Sampling in a Fair Way

Lesson 15: Estimating Population Measures of Center

Lesson 16: Estimating Population Proportions

Lesson 17: More about Sampling Variability

Lesson 18: Comparing Populations Using Samples

Lesson 19: Comparing Populations With Friends

Lesson 20: Memory Test