Unit 1: My Reflections

Lesson 1: Moving in the Plane

Lesson 2: Naming the Moves

Lesson 3: Grid Moves

Lesson 4: Making the Moves

Lesson 5: Coordinate Moves

Lesson 6: Describing Transformations

Lesson 7: No Bending or Stretching

Lesson 8: Rotation Patterns

Lesson 9: Moves in Parallel

Lesson 10: Composing Figures

Lesson 11: What Is the Same?

Lesson 12: Congruent Polygons

Lesson 13: Congruence

Lesson 14: Alternate Interior Angles

Lesson 15: Adding the Angles in a Triangle

Lesson 16: Parallel Lines and the Angles in a Triangle

Lesson 17: Rotate and Tessellate