Unit 7: My Reflections

Lesson 1: Exponent Review

Lesson 2: Multiplying Powers of Ten

Lesson 3: Powers of Powers of 10

Lesson 4: Dividing Powers of 10

Lesson 5: Negative Exponents with Powers of 10

Lesson 6: What about Other Bases?

Lesson 7: Practice with Rational Bases

Lesson 8: Combining Bases

Lesson 9: Describing Large and Small Numbers Using Powers of 10

Lesson 10: Representing Large Numbers on the Number Line

Lesson 11: Representing Small Numbers on the Number Line

Lesson 12: Applications of Arithmetic with Powers of 10

Lesson 13: Definition of Scientific Notation

Lesson 14: Multiplying, Dividing, and Estimating with Scientific Notation

Lesson 15: Adding and Subtracting with Scientific Notation

Lesson 16: Is a Smartphone Smart Enough to Go to the Moon?