Unit 1: My Reflections

Lesson 1: Tiling the Plane

Lesson 2: Finding Area by Decomposing and Rearranging

Lesson 3: Reasoning to Find Area

Lesson 4: Parallelograms

Lesson 5: Bases and Heights of Parallelograms

Lesson 6: Area of Parallelograms

Lesson 7: From Parallelograms to Triangles

Lesson 8: Area of Triangles

Lesson 9: Formula for the Area of a Triangle

Lesson 10: Bases and Heights of Triangles

Lesson 11: Polygons

Lesson 12: What is Surface Area?

Lesson 13: Polyhedra

Lesson 14: Nets and Surface Area

Lesson 15: More Nets, More Surface Area

Lesson 16: Distinguishing Between Surface Area and Volume

Lesson 17: Squares and Cubes

Lesson 18: Surface Area of a Cube

Lesson 19: Designing a Tent