Unit 8: My Reflections

Lesson 1: Got Data?

Lesson 2: Statistical Questions

Lesson 3: Representing Data Graphically

Lesson 4: Dot Plots

Lesson 5: Using Dot Plots to Answer Statistical Questions

Lesson 6: Histograms

Lesson 7: Using Histograms to Answer Statistical Questions

Lesson 8: Describing Distributions on Histograms

Lesson 9: Interpreting the Mean as Fair Share

Lesson 10: Finding and Interpreting the Mean as the Balance Point

Lesson 11: Deviation from the Mean

Lesson 12: Using Mean and MAD to Make Comparisons

Lesson 13: The Median of a Data Set

Lesson 14: Comparing Mean and Median

Lesson 15: Quartiles and Interquartile Range

Lesson 16: Box Plots

Lesson 17: Using Box Plots

Lesson 18: Using Data to Solve Problems