Unit 3: My Reflections

Lesson 1: The Burj Khalifa

Lesson 2: Anchoring Units of Measurement

Lesson 3: Measuring with Different-Sized Units

Lesson 4: Converting Units

Lesson 5: Comparing Speeds and Prices

Lesson 6: Interpreting Rates

Lesson 7: Equivalent Ratios Have the Same Unit Rates

Lesson 8: More about Constant Speed

Lesson 9: Solving Rate Problems

Lesson 10: What Are Percentages?

Lesson 11: Percentages and Double Number Lines

Lesson 12: Percentages and Tape Diagrams

Lesson 13: Benchmark Percentages

Lesson 14: Solving Percentage Problems

Lesson 15: Finding This Percent of That

Lesson 16: Finding the Percentage

Lesson 17: Painting a Room